VersionRelease DateDescriptionNoteDownload
0.0.120221101The First VersionCompatible with Processing 4.0.1
0.0.220221108Simplified the packageCompatible with Processing 4.0.1
0.0.320221109Added some filtersCompatible with Processing 4.0.1
0.0.420221110Enabled to set parametersCompatible with Processing 4.0.1
0.0.520221115Added some filtersCompatible with Processing 4.0.1X

A library of effect functions that teshnakamura often uses in the production of his art works, which can be used in Processing.
We will add functions and improve bugs little by little.

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Libraries and applications published here may be used for commercial purposes, but are copyrighted by teshnakamura.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by using them. Use at your own risk.