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Coding for art

I guess a lot of people think “I want to learn programming”. If you can program, you will be able to enjoy playing PC (or Mac) not just being “a user”. This might be a fantasy but actually it’s not. That’s true.
If you learn programming, you may be able to create a game that you designed, create an application that let you work more efficiently, anyway, the possibilities are endless. 
Or if you got a professional level of programming skill, you may be able to make it your business. Although programmer’s income is not very high in Japan,  globally, it is common for programmers to be highly paid.
Also, recently, programming has become part of compulsory education, but the government does not want to train all citizens to be programmers. I think they want to acquire the ability to think logically. Learning programming is useful for that.

Well, this site “coding4art” is a place to help people who learn coding (= programming) from scratch to learn to create art works by programming.
It is aimed at people who are:

  • Artists who want to incorporate programming into their artwork
  • People who want to create art works by programming as a hobby
  • People who just want to learn programming but want to learn in a fun way

About tesh

The author of this site is me, tesh. I create works called coding art or generative art under the artist name teshnakamura. You can see my works below.


If you can program, you might be able to create such works.

By the way, I usually code using a language called Java as a programming language for creating works, but Java is a little difficult for beginners and there are a lot to learn. So on this site, we are learning a language “Processing”, which is specialized for creating art works.
Although Processing is derived from Java, it is a great language that is easy for beginners to learn and still allows you to learn the essentials of programming.
Mastering Processing will make it easier  to learn other programming languages in the future.

About TeshFX

In programming, we often use something called a library. A library is a collection of commonly used processes that can be reused.
For example, in general programming, there are several character strings (data consisting of multiple characters, such as “strawberry”, “apple”, and “orange”), and it is often necessary to sort them in alphabetical order. However, it is very inefficient to think about how to sort them (this is called an “algorithm”) and write the code every time it is needed.
The process of “sorting multiple strings in alphabetical order” is a process that is often needed, so someone has made it into a library so that you don’t have to write it over and over again. If you need , you can use that library.

There are some processes that are often used when drawing with programming.
So I’m thinking of putting them together in a library.
As I wrote earlier, I usually write in the programming language Java, but I’m thinking of turning them into libraries that can be used with Processing.

The library name is TeshFX. FX stands for “effects”. A library for applying so-called special effects to images.
This will be built little by little from now on, so there are almost no functions at first, but I want you to learn programming while watching it grow.

Programming learning on this site is to learn by creating art works while using this TeshFX.